City of Vancouver Proclaims July 22, 2020 “IUOE Local 963 Day”


On honour of our 90th year and the great work IUOE members have done in Vancouver schools, the City of Vancouver has proclaimed July 22, 2020 as “IUOE Local 963 Day.”

“It’s nice to be honoured by the City of Vancouver for the hard work our members do” said Local 963 President Tim Chester.

The Proclamation recognizes the “highest possible standards of service from the men and women who work as Building Engineers/Assistant Building Engineers, Head Custodians/Assistant Head Custodians, Custodians, Culinary Assistants, Cafeteria Teachers’ Aides, Food Service Workers, Supervision Aides and Maintenance Engineers for the Vancouver School Board.”

Business Manager Tim De Vivo added, “our Local has worked hard at maintaining certification levels for our members despite constant challenges.  We reject a race-to-the-bottom approach that has unfortunately taken place in many school districts across the province and it is being recognized in the statement ‘Vancouver has always been able to count on the highest possible standards of service…’ Congratulations to all members, including all former members.  Enjoy your day!”