IUOE 963 wins the Labour Award of Distinction

The Labour Award of Distinction is presented to a union and its members that have demonstrated a commitment to community and to furthering the values shared by United Way and the Labour Movement.

The selection committee note the following reason for presenting the award to IUOE 963. Contributions and participation in the union’s annual United Way campaign has steadily increased over the past several years. This is in addition to the IUOE workers’ participation in the VSB United Way workplace campaign. The union’s fundraising events include the popular annual United Way Breakfast. The IUOE 963 also supports labour education initiatives such as the CLC United Way Union Counselling program which provides peer support and referral services through the workplace.

Business Manager Tim De Vivo accepted the award on behalf of the membership and executive board, commenting that the IUOE is proud to do its part to assist the great work of the United Way.