Local 963 Members Make Donation to Fort McMurray

At the General Membership meeting of May 7, 2016, a motion was carried by the membership to donate an amount equal to $10 per member to the Fort McMurray disaster fund.  Local 963 Business Manager Tim De Vivo said “there are many Operating Engineers who have been impacted by this disaster and Locals across Canada, as well as the International-through the National Charitable Fund- are stepping up to provide assistance.  This is what we do in Canada- support each other in times of need.”

When informed of the donation, IUOE Local 955 Business Manager Bruce Moffatt (Edmonton Alberta) replied, in part, “Thank you very much for the support.  We have now had about 900 members through the union hall in the last two days who are Fort Mac [residents] who our Local is funding with immediate relief.”  Of the estimated 1,600 homes destroyed by the wildfire “we should count on at least 100 members losing their homes,” he added.  “The stories we have heard over the last two days are difficult…[and] most of the people in rented accommodation had no tenant insurance.  The impact is so profound.”