Supervision Aides Letter of Understanding re: Voluntary Extension of Hours

Permanent Supervision Aides are being offered, on a voluntary basis, a temporary extension of working hours, from 2.5 to 4.0 hours per day.   Please click on the Letter of Understanding (“LOU”) below:

SA LOU 4 hour day to June 30, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.   Do I have to accept these additional hours?

A.   No. It is voluntary.

Q.  The date to reply is November 27, 2020.  What if I change my mind later?

A.   There is no contemplation in the LOU to change your decision after this date.

Q.  Has the duties of Supervision Aides changed as a result of this LOU?

A.  No.  There are no changes to the duties of Supervision Aides.  

(Excerpt from annual administrative memo)

The Primary function of the Supervision Aides is to supervise students.  This includes supervision on the playground, in the halls, in the lunch room, classrooms and field trips.  Supervision Aides should not be assigned duties inconsistent with this primary function or duties that would infringe upon the work of employees in CUPE 15.  This includes work such as office and clerical work, and the work of School and Student Support Workers.

Q.  What about a coffee break?

A.  While there is no specific language in the Supervision Aides collective agreement regarding a coffee break the parties (VSB and Union) have for decades agreed that these employees are entitled to a coffee break.  An excerpt from a 1999 union bulletin reads;

Coffee Breaks:  The Union and the Vancouver School Board have agreed that Supervision Aide coffee breaks, although not cited in the Collective Agreement, are a “workplace practice” and that all SA’s are entitled to a break…” 

Various union bulletins have reiterated this message, including Newsletter Vol. 13, #59 March 2016;

“Coffee Breaks:  Dating back to the 1990’s, the VBE and union have agreed that coffee breaks, although not cited in the collective agreement, is a workplace practice and Supervision Aides should be provided a short break, usually after recess.  Should you encounter difficulties at your worksite, please contact the union office or your shop steward immediately.”

And an excerpt from Newsletter Vol. 16, #75 September 2019;

The memo also asks school Principals/Vice-Principals to “please allow your Supervision Aides time to use the bathroom and get a cup off coffee/tea and then ensure they are working in the school between recess and lunch.”  In other words, take a coffee break.  Please contact your Job Steward or the union office if you require assistance.”